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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners located in Windermere, FL

Excel Psychiatry is growing and with that growth comes more opportunities in finding ways to serve our community. We are growing our therapy team and will be expanding with these services soon. Currently we offer an affordable option for therapy with our clinical social work intern. We accept cash, credit, HSA cards, and CareCredit for therapy with Excel Psychiatry as these services are not covered by insurance at this time. Be on the lookout, however, more options will be coming soon!

During therapy you are free to express yourself and be heard by our caring and empathetic therapists. You will also learn new strategies and coping skills to help you improve your quality of life and control symptoms. In therapy you learn about your symptoms, thoughts, mood, feelings, and behavior. 

Psychotherapy has many different styles, approaches, and techniques that are customized for you and your unique issue. Types of therapy available include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), supportive therapy, motivational therapy, Eye Movement, and Desensitization. Marital counseling, family counseling, and much more. 

Book your therapy appointment today and let us help you discover yourself and your best life. 

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