Cognitive Testing

What is Creyos Health?

Excel Psychiatry uses the Creyos Health cognitive assessment platform to quickly measure brain health. Your healthcare practitioner offers these measures to assess, monitor, and manage core areas of cognition to ensure that your [treatment/wellness program] is on the right track. The tasks only take [time] minutes to complete. Your health efforts will be even more successful now that you can easily and objectively track how your brain is responding.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started as part of treatment, sign up for a consultation and baseline assessment, or if you’re already enrolled, ask your practitioner about how to incorporate cognitive assessments. Request an Appointment

Validity Has Been Demonstrated Through Numerous Studies

Having a scientifically-validated objective measure of your cognitive function is a fundamental input to understanding which brain functions and regions may require the most focus. With this information in hand, we then tailor our treatment plans to each individual’s needs–and re-assess along the way to ensure we are seeing progress in key focus areas–helping produce the best possible patient outcome.


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